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The Spokesman-Review: Shawn Vestal: Gun rights activist takes aim at nonexistent wolf

November 19, 2014

Shawn Vestal of The Spokesman-Review writes:

How many uncles will have to hand guns to their nephews without being prosecuted for it, how many patriotic neighbors, sharing guns and apple pie over the back fence, will go completely unarrested, before it’s clear that the opponents of background checks were, once again, as always, crying wolf?

. . .

No one is – or ever was – going to arrest anyone for handing someone else a gun. No one is – or ever was – going to arrest anyone for loaning a friend a gun. No one is – or ever was – going to arrest family members for sharing guns while hunting, or gun-safety instructors for passing a gun to a student.

That was never, ever the case, and the people who suggested it was were either lying or woefully misinformed by people who were lying or so devoted to crying wolf that they simply did not care whether there really was one.

Read the full column here.

The Spokesman-Review: Handing off guns at anti 594 rally won’t prompt arrests

November 13, 2014

Jim Camden of The Spokesman-Review reports:

Gun rights activists plan to bring their firearms to the Capitol next month in an effort engage in civil disobedience by violating the new background check law that they despise.

But there may be a flaw in the plan. What they say they’re going to do – “openly exchange guns” by handing them to someone else – isn’t against Initiative 594, according to Bob Calkins of the Washington State Patrol, which provides law enforcement on the Capitol grounds.

. . .

No one will be arrested for exchanging guns, Calkins, the patrol spokesman, said.

“We don’t see handing a weapon to someone else as a violation of the law,” Calkins said. “We don’t see that as a transfer.”

Read the full story here.

Initiative 594 on Course for December 4, 2014 Implementation

November 7, 2014

The Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility issued the following statement regarding the implementation of Initiative 594, which voters approved by a 20-point margin in the November 4, 2014 election:

“Initiative 594, which closes the background check loophole by applying the existing system of background checks to all gun sales, will take effect on December 4, 2014. As the initiative text states, the measure becomes law 30 days after its passage by voters.

When Initiative 594 takes effect, Washington State gun owners and purchasers will use the exact same background check system that they encounter today when purchasing a gun at a licensed dealer.”

The Seattle Times: AP: Voters reject measure to ban state background checks

November 5, 2014

The Seattle Times reports:

A measure seeking to prevent Washington state from expanding gun-sale background checks beyond federal law has been rejected by voters.

Votes counted Wednesday for Initiative 591 increased the No campaign’s lead by about 18,000. For the Yes side to catch up, it would need about 56 percent of the 1 million estimated votes remaining.

Read the full report here.

The Seattle Times: Editorial: Voters stand ground on gun control in passing I-594 over I-591

November 4, 2014

After this evenings events, The Seattle Times editorializes:

On the intractable issue of gun control, Washington voters have shot back.

Tuesday, voters took aim at the state Legislature’s inability last year to pass basic, public-safety-focused background checks. And they shot holes in the myth that the National Rifle Association, and its allies, represent the public interest.

. . .

This is a historic moment for Washington voters. Nationally, I-594 was the only gun control measure on a statewide ballot. The state’s message should be heard around the country.

Read the full editorial here.

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