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The Spokesman-Review: Jewish federation calls for NRA lobbyist to resign over remarks

July 30, 2014

The Spokesman-Review reports:

A suggestion by a National Rifle Association spokesman that Jews should oppose gun control because of what happened in Nazi Germany has added new ammunition to the debate over two competing measures on the November ballot.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle on Tuesday called for the resignation of NRA state lobbyist Brian Judy, who was recorded at a recent meeting saying he couldn’t understand why Jews would support gun control, a policy instituted by the Nazis.

Judy reportedly was telling a group of gun rights advocates he couldn’t understand the support for Initiative 594 by a major donor whose family he said was “run out of Germany by the Nazis.”

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The Everett Herald: NRA’s paranoid style of politics

July 30, 2014

The Everett Herald reports:

The politics of fear is written in code words. Break the code, and fear is revealed in all its paranoid splendor.

National Rifle Association lobbyist Brian Judy didn’t bother embroidering his language when speaking before a no-I-594 gathering in Silverdale on July 23. There’s value yakking to true believers: You can ditch the focus-grouped rhetoric and go straight to the madman tropes.

In a recording posted on the website “Horse’s Ass,” Judy — who, along with the NRA, hasn’t disavowed or denied the comments — condescends that “these people” (Jews) such as entrepreneur Nick Hanauer, a key financial backer of I-594, should know better than to support universal background checks for purchasing a firearm.

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Statement of Cheryl Stumbo Regarding Reported Comments of National Rifle Association’s Washington Lobbyist

July 28, 2014

Seattle, WA – The Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility issued the following statement from Cheryl Stumbo, Initiative 594 citizen-sponsor and survivor of the Jewish Federation shooting in 2006, in response to the remarks of a senior National Rifle Association lobbyist that Initiative 594 and other measures to reduce gun violence are the same policies instituted in Nazi Germany and that led to the Holocaust:

“The offensive rhetoric from a senior lobbyist at the National Rifle Association is out-of-touch with what the vast majority of Washingtonians want: a reasonable, productive discussion of solutions to reduce gun violence in our communities. Developing those solutions has been a major part of my life since the attack on my co-workers and me eight years ago, and I am honored to have been joined by other survivors of gun violence, gun owners, hunters, law enforcement, and current and former NRA members. We’ve come together because Washington state needs everyone working together to be part of the solution to making our communities safer – and fringe ideas like Mr. Judy’s are part of the problem.”


July 27, 2014

100 days.

That’s how long we have until the last votes will be counted, and we’ll know if Washington voted Yes on 594 — but we’ve got our work cut out for us.

We’ve learned that, while an overwhelming majority of Washingtonians support expanding background checks, nearly 32% of voters ALSO plan to support an initiative from the gun lobby that would completely unravel Washington’s system of background checks.

That would undo all of our hard work — and put our state at risk for even more violence than we are now. We need to plan a massive campaign to ensure that every voter understands that to reduce gun violence, they need to vote Yes on 594.

I need your help urgently — we have to raise another $20,000 online before Ju‌ly 3‌1 to expand our outreach efforts, and time’s running out.

Will you help us again with an urgent contribution before our end-of-month deadline?

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WSPTA gives Board Endorsement of Initiative 594

July 22, 2014

In a statement released today, the Washington State PTA endorse Yes on 594:

WSPTA is saddened by the number of recent shootings that have taken place at schools across our country. Our mission states that PTA is a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families, schools and communities, and a strong advocate for the well-being and education of every child.

During the October 2013 WSPTA Legislative Assembly in Seatac, the following policy was adopted by members: The Washington State PTA shall initiate and/or support legislation or policies that extend criminal background checks to the purchase of guns from non-licensed sellers.

On April 24, 2014, the WSPTA board of directors discussed the upcoming initiatives 594 and 591 that will be on the November ballot. Our legislative director, Sherry Krainick brought forth information from her state legislative committee members. After discussion and debate the board voted to endorse and support initiative 594 on extending background checks on gun purchases from non-licensed dealers.

Read the endorsement here.

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