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October 21, 2014

(Seattle, WA) – Today, KIRO7 reported the case of Michael Ahmed Hicks, a convicted felon who was arrested and charged after attempting to obtain a gun online from GrabAGun.com, a Texas website.

According to the report, Hicks, who was prohibited from possessing firearms because of a 2006 drug conviction, ordered the gun online and had it shipped to a Washington State federally-licensed firearms dealer. When Hicks went to the licensed dealer to pay for the weapon and collect it, the dealer conducted the background checks required on pistol sales in Washington State. These included the federal NICS check and local law enforcement checks, conducted in this case by the Seattle Police Department.

As KIRO7 reported:

When the Seattle Police Department’s Records Unit ran the background check, Hicks’ criminal history was revealed. Last week, Hicks was arrested before he could pose “grave danger to public safety,” according to the Seattle Police detective who worked the case.

“The safeguards put into place were followed by all the right people and as a result, a person who shouldn’t have a gun didn’t get it, and he’s now being charged with an additional felony for trying to do so,” Seattle Police spokesman Detective Drew Fowler said on Monday.

Under current Washington State law Hicks, or criminals like him, can evade this background check by obtaining a gun at a gun show or in an in-person sale arranged online, with no questions asked. A recent investigation by Everytown for Gun Safety found over 40,000 guns available online annually, nearly 10% of which could find their way into the hands of criminals. Initiative 594 closes a dangerous loophole in our law by applying the background check system that helped keep this gun out of Michael Hicks’ hands to all gun sales in our state.

KIRO: Convict buys gun online, lands behind bars before getting finger on trigger

October 21, 2014

KIRO reports:

Thirty-nine year old Michael Ahmed Hicks has been charged in King County Superior Court with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm after he bought a semi-automatic pistol online.

The Seattle man has been prohibited from possessing a firearm since a 2006 methamphetamine conviction. However, last month, according to court documents, Hicks was able to purchase a .380 ACP pistol from www.GrabAGun.com in Texas.

. . .

When the Seattle Police Department’s Records Unit ran the background check, Hicks’ criminal history was revealed.

Read the full story, and watch the report, here.

The Wenatchee World: Yes on I-594

October 20, 2014

In an editorial endorsing Initiative 594, the Wenatchee World writes:

Background checks are a sensible precaution when selling firearms. They are no cure for gun violence and mayhem, and no threat to the rights of legitimate gun owners, but it is possible they might keep some guns out of unwanted hands, namely away from convicted criminals and people with a certified mental illness.

. . .

Closing the so-called gun show loophole will make us safer, to some degree. That’s what Initiative 594 attempts, and if that is the case it deserves a yes vote.

. . .

To complicate matters voters will have to deal with Initiative 591, a diversion placed on the ballot by gun rights groups hoping to void I-594 or so legally scramble the situation that it will be impossible to sort out.

. . .

Vote no on I-591. Vote yes on I-594.

Read the full editorial here.

Seattle P-I: Faith march: “We are leading the nation” on curbing gun violence

October 20, 2014

Joel Connelly writes in the Seattle P-I:

Hundreds of Seattle-area faith activists returned to Temple de Hirsch Sinai on Sunday, where religious leaders launched the city’s movement to curb gun violence a week after the December, 2012, assassination of 20 first graders at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Out of the movement came Initiative 594, the measure on Washington’s November ballot that would close the “gun show loophole” by requiring criminal background checks for those purchasing firearms at gun shows and on the Internet.

. . .

By winning in a Western state, the I-594 campaign wants to sow hope in the nation’s gun safety movement — a movement largely stymied by the National Rifle Association and a gun lobby that strikes fear into the hearts of politicians.

Read the full article and view photos of the march here.

The Bellingham Herald: I-594 would help reduce domestic gun violence

October 20, 2014

In a guest column, Trese Todd writes:

As a domestic violence survivor, community volunteer and an activist working for over 10 years to promote violence-prevention efforts and victim support services, I’m all too aware of how a gun in the hands of a domestic abuser dramatically increases the risk of fatality.

. . .

Here in Washington, we have a real chance to help reduce these terrible cases by voting “yes” on Initiative 594, the common-sense initiative to close the background check loophole that allows domestic abusers and other dangerous people to evade a background check and obtain guns with no questions asked.

Read the full column here.

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